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While there’s always plenty of televised sporting action to keep you occupied these days, you might prefer to take part in the real thing rather than watch. But that’s not always possible: you might not have the luxury of a nearby park or a free tennis court in your neighborhood. Or you might be ill or incapacitated. Whatever the case, you can still get your fix by playing these iPad games – we’ve picked the best out there for the die-hard sports fan.

Real Boxing

There are few sports as exhilarating as boxing. And there are few boxing games, including console versions, as well-honed as Real Boxing. The graphics are slick and the difficulty level increases at a reasonable pace. In terms of actually landing punches, it’s a touch and swipe affair with a swipe to the left signalling a right hook and a tap initiating a jab. Buttons on the left and right of the screen give the options to block and dodge. With a multiplayer mode as well, you’ll be spending hours in the ring. However, if you like your sport to be less physical and more risk-taking, head on over to Grosvenor for a range of casino games.

FIFA Soccer 18

FIFA 18 is very much like its predecessor but with a few small but significant tweaks. Always a dominant force in the console world, Electronic Arts has failed to live up to the expectations in the iOS market. Until now. FIFA 18 has some major improvements – the addition of online multiplayer mode – and nice gameplay touches like the instant replay sharing and the skill move button that raise it above the rivals.

Football Manager Handheld 2018

Another football game might seem like overkill, but it’d be unwise to overlook the influence of Football Manager. The Guardian recently published an article that claims the game is something of a national obsession. It’s a simple concept: manage a football team from the tactical decisions and the finances, to player transfers and media interaction. But it provides countless hours of entertainment and is especially useful during the summer break.

Backbreaker 2: Venegeance

The original Backbreaker is an American Football game that focuses on breaking tackles. The graphics were beautiful and the gameplay simple enough that it won millions of fans who were tired of the flaws of games like Madden. The sequel introduces another game mode, where players can now become the tackler instead of the person trying to dodge the tackle. So if you were a fan of the original then this game is for you.

Let’s Golf! 2

With an impressive 91/100 score on Metacritic, Let’s Golf! 2 is one of the most acclaimed sports games on the iPad. It foregoes realism for a fun, arcade feel that ultimately pays off. The lack of big name likenesses is more than made up for by the career mode with an impressive eight to ten hours of gameplay. Add to this numerous challenges, unlockable items, such as golf balls and clubs which actually benefit the players, and levelling up, and you have an addictive golf game.

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